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There is a certain privilege in being able to make a living by doing what sets your heart on fire.Lots of love, growing families and happy vibes are what I live for. If you are any of the above let's chat...

The Lens

I'm a California born photographer with the greatest love for my family, my clients and lazy Sunday mornings. I love latte art, Grey's Anatomy, lemon anything, and farmers' markets. If you dance to The Office theme song, let's be friends.
Being able to capture silly moments between a family, two becoming one and those sweet baby smiles make everyday beautiful. 
I believe that everyday is special, in taking too many pictures and choosing Happiness. I Believe in Forever.



Stories Through Pictures


Baking has always been a huge tradition in my family, being able to share it with daughters means passing down some of my best memories with my nana. 


It's their wind blown hair, the newborn fuzz and tiny toes that tell your family's story. You know that feeling when you've found your baby's first outfit? Let me help recreate that feeling through pictures.


It's happened more than once. My husband gently wakes me up and our three year old is wearing his hoodie with disheveled hair. "I made coffee, let's go watch the sunrise." He knows me and my love for watching the day bloom.


Baking, hanging out with my family. Dance parties to the Trolls soundtrack (don't judge- it's actually really good) 

Sunday Mornings

I knew at a very young age I wanted to explore the world. That wonderlust never left, experiencing new cultures and documenting them is a dream of mine.


The Experience

Serving families and couples seeking beautiful, fine art photography to capture their greatest moments and cherished memories.

Behind every session there is a story.

 There is a husband who is deploying soon, a little one growing tall or two becoming three. Let me tell your story through laughter, splashing and sweet kisses. 

I want to know how to make your session your absolute vision. I want to know your "why"

Each session begins by a pre-session consult at my in home office. No base access? I have a few favorite coffee shops we can relax at and go over details. This is where we can speak in depth about what you are imagining for your session. Not only will we get to know each other, we can chat about location, wardrobe as well as any and all questions you have about our heirloom products.
Next time I see you will be for your session, and after that, your ordering and reveal appointment!

This is when we get the happy tears and plenty of "Awwws" for those heartfelt moments that are yours forever. Here you select your images and we get down to designing the artwork that you will share with the generations to come. Fine art prints, heirloom albums and keepsakes are all apart of documenting you and your family's legacy.



I come from a long line of veterans, this was proudly displayed of my nana's wall. Photos dating back to WWII hung from wall to wall with service photos of every branch imaginable. When I became a Marine myself, I was proud to know that my photo would be on the wall as well. My portrait was going to hang next my ancestors whom I had only known from faded photos behind glass. They were long gone but I always had that connection to them through their photos.

I remember sitting on my papa's lap flipping through family albums in amazement that the old, white haired man I knew was once a wild, red headed Marine. I know that my mom and I looked like twins at age eight and the way my aunt glowed on her wedding day.These memories don't happen by pulling out your phone and scrolling on facebook. When is the last time you sat down to show your children a picture on your phone from over 20 years ago?

I use the word investment because that is what professional photography is. It is an investment that you will share with your children and grandchildren as the years pass. You will make memories with your own family as you share these photos, and it would be an amazing privilege to be a small part of that.

Traditional packages require a $200 retainer and range from $550- $1550.

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