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July 18, 2018

Bridal Shoot on Crouching Lion

Hey There! I was going through some old photos on my computer and found this bridal shoot we did last year. I can’t believe I totally forgot about it because.. well you have eyes, our model was STUNNING!bridal photo session crouching lion hike kailua hawaii storm elaine photography

I belong to a military spouse photographer’s facebook group and when a newer member introduced herself and wanted to plan a bridal shoot I was excited. I love connecting with other photographers and am always up for an adventure.

We started a group chat and began planning this incredible shoot. Remember reading Stone Soup when you were younger? If your memory is foggy, it’s about how people come together and take what little they have to create something amazing. I felt like that was us. I had a bridal gown, another girl volunteered to make the floral elements, and Vanessa┬ájumped in to model.

bridal photo session crouching lion hike kailua hawaii storm elaine photography


We were such a random group of ladies, from different backgrounds, states and even countries. None of us had met before so once we parked on the side of the Crouching Lion hiking trail we introduced ourselves and got ready to climb. Carrying a wedding dress, bouquet and camera gear we made our way to the top. Of course Vanessa stayed gorgeous, she was hiking in full makeup and bridal jewelry but didn’t even seem phased. The rest of us panting and sweating to death while she sparkled and easily reached the top. *Note to self, hike more and figure out how to look good while on the verge of dying*

We reached the top of Crouching Lion, Vanessa got dressed and we began shooting. The view itself was breathtaking, add a wedding gown and flowers, I was dying of happiness. It was fun seeing other ladies work and as we were photographing I felt like I was making great friends with other talented photographers.

bridal photo session crouching lion hike kailua hawaii storm elaine photography

After the shoot I took a moment to appreciate the view. Kahana bay lay behind us and we could see Kamehameha hwy twisting below. The ocean sparkled as the sun was setting, Hawaii is a fine sight from any angle but being on top of the ridge line… everything was serene and for a moment I felt like I was the only person in the world.

I looked forward to seeing the other photographers’ work. The thing about photography is after a while anyone can take a great shot. The magic is in the editing. This is where the art happens. Every photographer has their own vision and interpretation of a shoot. Maybe they see it as moody and seductive or bright and playful, so it is always treat to see life through another person’s eyes.

bridal photo session crouching lion hike kailua hawaii storm elaine photography

For me, I love the rich colors of Hawaii mixed with the bright sun and light hearted feel of the tropics. My style varies a bit as the seasons change but you can count on me to have a lighter edit when shooting weddings and bridal portraits.

Thank you so much for reading and subscribing- it the means the world to me! Stick around to see future shoots, specials and my life behind the lens.




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